SES Solar Desalination Prize Submittal Page

This page contains all of the submittals for the DOE Solar Desalination Prize competition. SES is entering the innovation phase as an innovator, proposing SAFES, a Skid-based Automated Flash Evaporator System that brings the purifying capability of a flash desalination plant to any site in a single ISO container. A video introducing the concept is posted below, as well as the information required for submittal, as outlined in the official prize rules.

In addition to the work documented in the prize submittals, additional documentation on the simulation used to validate feasibility are being developed and will be available as a white paper on the Internal Design page as “Simulation of a Miniaturized Flash Evaporator System”. Stay tuned for more content on alternative uses for this technology!

Submittal Video

Explanation of Fields in the SMARRT form submission

Reference Scenario Inputs:

Number of People Infected – How many potential members of the gathering are infectious. The simulation starts when they enter (time=0).

Type of Activity – Impacts the number of particles spread as aerosols per respiration. More strenuous activities result in more viroid particles being released.

Air Changes per Hour – This is the air exchange rate with fresh air for the volume of air being breathed by the gathering. If you use forced air exchange, you can calculate the number of air changes per hour for your specific situation.

Space Floor Area and Ceiling Height – These are used to calculate the total space volume.

Duration Infectious Person is Present – This is how long the infectious person stays in the space after their initial entry. For the reference scenario, this defines the end of the simulation.

Gathering Scenario Inputs:

See the reference scenario for all inputs up to Time of space entry.

Time of space entry and exit – These values represent when you enter and leave the space referenced to the infectious person. For example, if you show up fifteen minutes late, but stay an hour after the end of a one hour party, the Duration Infectious Person is Present is 60 minutes, the Time of Space Entry 15 minutes, and the Time of Space Exit 120 minutes