The SES2040 Vision

This is a summary level of a larger and more detailed and internal SES2040 Vision Report. The vision report is a combination vision statement and business plan that covers all areas of Sigma Expert Solutions (SES) administration including target funding sources, management, promotion, legal, human resources, etc. This is a public description of the final SES2040 vision as insight into the aspirational future for the company without getting into all of the business details.

The SES purpose is to provide an environment that facilitates the creative problem solving atmosphere needed to achieve the full potential of its employees. The SES values are to have a small, tight-knit, and committed group of multi-disciplinary engineers that provide efficient, creative, and responsive solutions to complex engineering challenges that benefit society. The ultimate vision is to be a self-sustaining small business capable of performing all analysis, design, manufacture, and testing required to achieve the company purpose and values. This requires a company that has a great depth of capability, and a vigorous internal research and development program.

The majority of work will be mechanical design and prototype manufacture. The focus will be to apply skills in mechanical design, controls, programming, and other engineering disciplines to deploy prototype products in a relevant environment for a variety of industries. Industries served may include medical, nuclear, automotive, consumer products, aerospace, etc. Most work will be performed as employee selected and directed internal research resulting in employee ownership of products ensuring high value products for various industries.

By 2040 SES will have realized this final vision. SES will be a small and flexible organization (approximately 20 employees) performing work selected by employees based on its applicability to the SES purpose and values. To meet this vision, all employees will be cross-trained and capable of assisting in all areas where SES maintains proficiency, including analysis techniques, design, prototype manufacturing, and testing. A large emphasis will be placed on growth and development of employees, using industry recognized certifications, internal training, and company directed continuing education as metrics.

A pipeline for growth and development will be established to provide definable expectations at specific developmental stages. As employees gain seniority and increase their capabilities, they will be encouraged to create their own independent and complementary companies with assistance from SES to ensure that this small flexible environment is maintained while providing the opportunity for upward mobility and a continual infusion of new talent.