SES provides services in a variety of areas related to engineering and project management. Services are provided primarily by Demetrius Siachames as owner and operator of Sigma Expert Solutions. An overview of some of the services provided is provided below with links to associated line sheets.

Project Planning and Analysis

Mr. Siachames, PMP is sought after as a Project Manager for multidisciplinary teams executing projects ranging from conceptual design to nuclear safety analyses.  As a management consultant for facilities, he has generated documentation and analyses to validate mission need, scope, and schedule. He assists setting up project management processes and procedures to ensure DOE 413.3B requirements are met. In support of the DOE, Mr. Siachames has served as a part of independent cost estimating teams where he focuses on technical viability and risk analysis. He has regularly presented during program planning meetings and as an interface with regulators and key stakeholders. Mr. Siachames extended his interest in Project Planning and Analysis to develop a program capable of quantifying the impacts of risks and uncertainties on project schedules and budgets to supplement his project planning offerings.

Mechanical Design

Mr. Siachames has provided mechanical design services for products ranging from small precision components to large integrated systems. Examples include complex surgical aids, vacuum components, and large filtered ventilation systems. He maintains fluency with Soldiworks by regularly developing models to help clients visualize their problems, to design prototypes, and for internal projects. Coupled with access to a commercial grade Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer,  prototypes can be rapidly generated to test concept viability. Imagine how SES can help you get your design off the ground!

Engineering Consulting

Mr. Siachames, PE has consulted in a wide range of industries including Commercial Nuclear, Government, and Medical Product Development. In the Commercial Nuclear industry he has performed margin assessment of safety class systems, evaluated anchorages for compliance with updated seismic requirements, and provided project management support for the Fukushima response. For Government entities he has served as Subject Matter Expert and Technical Lead in several DOE 413.3B reviews, led a team assessing disposition of DOE complex Special Nuclear Material, and served as a member of an Integrated Project Team as the technical expert in radiological ventilation and glovebox systems.  In the Medical Device industry, he has reviewed designs for manufacturability, performed tolerance stack-up analyses, and created statistical tools to inform optimal manufacturing controls. Contact SES to see how Demetrius can help you enhance your engineering team or expand your capability!

Sustainable Living Concepts

Mr. Siachames has long held an interest in making living spaces more efficient, comfortable, and mechanically integrated. Mr. Siachames is looking for opportunities to expand the SES offerings to provide high efficiency sustainable designs for residential and commercial buildings. SES looks forward to working with cutting edge architects, designers, and engineers in developing the residential concepts of the future!

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Explanation of Fields in the SMARRT form submission

Reference Scenario Inputs:

Number of People Infected – How many potential members of the gathering are infectious. The simulation starts when they enter (time=0).

Type of Activity – Impacts the number of particles spread as aerosols per respiration. More strenuous activities result in more viroid particles being released.

Air Changes per Hour – This is the air exchange rate with fresh air for the volume of air being breathed by the gathering. If you use forced air exchange, you can calculate the number of air changes per hour for your specific situation.

Space Floor Area and Ceiling Height – These are used to calculate the total space volume.

Duration Infectious Person is Present – This is how long the infectious person stays in the space after their initial entry. For the reference scenario, this defines the end of the simulation.

Gathering Scenario Inputs:

See the reference scenario for all inputs up to Time of space entry.

Time of space entry and exit – These values represent when you enter and leave the space referenced to the infectious person. For example, if you show up fifteen minutes late, but stay an hour after the end of a one hour party, the Duration Infectious Person is Present is 60 minutes, the Time of Space Entry 15 minutes, and the Time of Space Exit 120 minutes